Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Killarney National Park

Completed just now. This drawing is inspired by a picture I shot while walking in Killarney National Park. Sometimes it happens that my attention get drawn by something I see and feel the need to paint it... so I take a picture for future artworks.
This drawing was born with a very bad sketch, where the blackberries were just few circles and two or three leaves, for I was not much in the mood to make it better. I started coloring the berries and little by little I got interested in the drawing itself more and more. Finally I found the right mood and so this drawing grew the right way.
Recently I have been studying on paintings of artists I follow and got this idea of a canvas to put on this drawing. I'm not much for canvas because I believe they are a waste of precious paper and using all of the sheet I can make a bigger and more detailed drawing while the rectangular frame can be easily achieved with the use of a passpartout, but this time I needed it because it represents a part of the drawing.
I imagined a branch growing out of the frame like the drawing was made long ago and the branch has been growing all the time until now.
A snail coming from the bushes below is wandering on the frame

Friday, March 20, 2015

More Blackberries

This afternoon I post an update on the drawing I'm working on these days. I missed very much my colored pencils set and coloring this artwork is so much of a pleasure.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Recently I've been painting a lot but not drawing and coloring with my pencils set. Tonight I felt very strongly the need to use them and made a new sketch. I share only a little section But I like the way it is developing.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dingle's Cliffs

Completed right now. This watercolor painting shows a picture of mine I shot in the Dingle's peninsula not so long ago.

New Work in Progress

Just a sketch I'm working on today. Later I say what it is supposed to show.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pinus Village Rocky Cliff

So this ends my rocks study. It is based on a shot I took the eighth of march during an outing in the Pinus Village countryside. I have always felt the need to attempt a painting or a drawing of rocks because I feel like they are very hard to me to reproduce into an artwork.
It is supposed to be the painting of a little tree clinging on the wall of a small bay, mostly made by sedimentary rocks and pink and ocra granite. In the upper section small bushes and grass rise among the stones on the top of the cliff.
If I hadn't explained what this painting is supposed to show, would anyone understand what it shows?
I believe not.

Line And Wash Study

Today I share the first stage of a painting I'm working on these days. Does anyone understand what could it be?
Maybe it's not comprehensible but I hope it won't be later.
I'm going to paint it in ink pen and watercolors, using the technique I wrote of few days ago.
In the next post I explain what is this.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beara 3

Today I share my latest watercolor painting of another picture I shot in the Beara peninsula not so long ago.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dunguaire Castle 2 and 3

This afternoon I made an ink preparatory sketch and a watercolor painting of the same subject I posted before but from a different point of view. The sketching has been made on a wood like pressed paper I found in a package I had. Looking at this cardboard like thing made me remember of a wonderful hand crafted wood pane I saw in Urbino and thought to try something on it. The things on the back are supposed to be clouds.
The painting instead has been done partly in watercolor pencils and partly in watercolor painting.
This is not the final version of the Dunguaire Castle because there will follow others till I'm full happy of the outcome.

Beara 2

Few days ago I found this picture of mine shot around Beara peninsula in the Irish coast and thought to try a painting. At first I was pretty scared of all those rocks, mounds, stone walls and red grass bushes and I must admit I didn't have the faintest idea of how to paint them. I had forgotten that watercolor paints all by itself, I just need to be there in front of the sheet to make presence.
The picture is supposed to show the sea slightly rough in the upper section, stone walls and rock mounds, red grass bushes and a lone black faced sheep nibbling around.
In the end this painting wasn't that scary.