Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dreams 6

Today I painted an idea of mine I have since my "forgotten gate" posted few weeks ago. It is an illustration of a girl and a dog gazing at the stars... pretty much alike a picture
of "Charlie Brown and Snoopy" I hung up on a wall many years ago as one of my very first watercolor paintings... and which I believe is still one of my favorite .

Brother I still miss you a lot! Are you having fun wherever you are?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Seaside Study

The 8th of March I shot some photographs while hiking in the Pinus Village coastline.  Few weeks ago I started thinking to a watercolor painting of that picture and how tough it would be. Many days have passed still thinking at it and it was all for nothing, because as soon I started everything came by its own almost without my awareness. All that mind struggle was useless because I didn't take account of the magic of the watercolors. So in the end it wasn't tough at all. Even almost easy. I like a lot the use of very soft colors for the sky and the backwash.
By the way it is supposed to show a beach and sea waves crushing on a rock. Hope it's clear.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Temple of Debod

Here is my new watercolor painting of the temple of Debod, shot in Madrid few weeks ago, where an artificial pond shows stunning reflections.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Segovia's Aqueduct 2

In the end I decided for a line and wash painting.  As I wrote before this is a copy of a photograph of mine shot not many days ago in Segovia. What a pretty village it is!

Segovia's Aqueduct

Today I have begun a new ink sketch based on a photograph of mine whose subject is Segovia's aqueduct. Right now it is completed only the ink sketch. Later I decide if I'll use some wash an line painting or not. Maybe yes.
On the right side a tree and on the top a cloud.

Friday, April 17, 2015

In The Crypt

Today I post my watercolor painting copy of a picture I shot few days ago in the crypt of the cathedral of Madrid. This two capitals grabbed my gaze  so that I thought it would be a good watercolor painting-to-be. I used just one sepia half godet watercolor on a postcard wide sheet. Those spots on the walls look really like those on the walls of the crypt: I love very much the magic of the watercolor painting.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Segovia's Aqueduct 1

Today I share my latest watercolor painting. It is an attempt to copy the technique of an artist I follow... and a kind of experiment on new half godet watercolors I bought few days ago on a small postcard wide sheet. Not bad I believe but not good either. Maybe I'll go back to my usual technique.
By the way this painting of mine shows the stunningly beautiful ancient roman aqueduct in Segovia, a few people on the stairs and a couple holding hands passing by.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Violet and Something Else

Today I share a picture from the new drawing I'm working on these days. It is based on a picture I shot not long ago down the ancient walls of Castelsardo. I like this stage of the drawing so I post it. The paper is one of the few remaining sheets of a block I bought long ago and somehow it happened that I didn't made any particularly successful drawing on those pages...  maybe we didn't fit each other. By the way this one is not so bad. I like a lot the all those shades of violet.

Recently I'm learning java programming because for some hardware related reason I cannot use visual basic anymore.  I took my physics books and started few simulations of planets and stars I made these sleepless nights. It happened that I found pretty funny looking what would happen if I change the mass of a star or a planet and the initial conditions. So I leave the computer to calculate thousands of differential equations solutions and then look what kind of orbits my screen shows. It is like a sort of video game: truly I'm happy with little maybe, but simulating celestial mechanics is an unforgotten dream of mine from the years of the university. And moreover I believe the motion of the stars and planets is some kind of mathematics related art.

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Forgotten Gate

This is my latest watercolor painting completed right now. It is inspired by a photograph I shot in Kilkenny and an idea which born in my mind as soon as I saw that old wonderful gate.
The original idea was a little different but I realized while painting that I liked very much the background and left this way.
In my strange dreams this watercolor painting shows the ruins of a very very old gate used many thousands of years ago by the gods to go from their realm to the Earth and somehow an absent minded one left the gate open and still functioning. In the mean while eons have passed by and the wall is breaking apart. What would it happen when the gate still opened break? Because it connects two different world or dimensions will the universe destroy itself or do the two connected worlds merge each other?
Anyway that gate in Kilkenny was amazing.