Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Good Book

Today I share a new soft pastels painting on a 50X70 cm spotted light blue cardboard. It is based on an idea of mine and that spotted sheet gives really the idea of the sea.
The funny idea I had in my mind during this painting is about a girl who is walking along the shore deeply absorbed in her readings heedless of the obstacles she finds on her path like sea urchins, broken glass, sharp pointed stones, beach volley, soccer and tennis balls flying and guys approaching her. What is she reading? It has to be a really good book!
A little bit of perspective for the picture is from the top, interesting the study on the tan for the skin tone.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Completed right now.
About two weeks ago on a bright hot sunny working day I was walking on a sidewalk going toward a customer when something caught my art sense almost without my full awareness. Took few steps back and found this Bouganville bush growing on a fence close to where a friend of mine used to live very long time ago. It was so well lighted up that I couldn't help myself but shooting a photograph and spent the following time thinking how to paint it.
I must admit that at first I was pretty scared more of the sketching than the coloring... as usual the drawing grew by itself: no really need to be scared.
I made it in colored pencils and a white soft pastel on a pouncing very slightly grey 100x70 cm cardboard.

Monday, July 20, 2015

New Moleskine Portrait

Few days ago I found a mailshot about subscribing something I am not interested in. Inside it there was this picture which was saying "draw me with a blue ball pen", so I made it mostly yesterday afternoon and tonight. It was a long time since I've had my fun drawing a portrait.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cala Goloritzè 2

This is the watercolor painting I have been working on these days. It shows a scene I could admire while hiking in the mountains towards Cala Goloritzè. In the central section  two far mountains framed by branches and bushes. Those violet things are supposed to be rocks and branches.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Pleasant Morning 1

This same morning while free diving I found this jellyfish stuck with a piece of posidonia, a kind of sea grass also known as Neptune weed or tape weed, in its tentacles. I set it free trying not to be stung and kept on free diving else where.
Just few words about this ink drawing: I tried to give the illusion of depth and shadows by fattening the line where I want to obtain this effect.

A Pleasant Morning

This early morning I have gone to  a cliff not far from my town for a free diving session. The weather was wonderful and the sea inviting. Leaning on the sea bottom was the shell of a sea snail called Haliotis Stomatiaeformis and thought it would be a good exercise for a drawing.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Cala Goloritzè Trek 1

Today I share a new watercolor painting I've been working on lately. It shows a glimpse of those ravishing woods I admired while hiking towards Cala Goloritzè a couple of weeks ago: a magnificent tree spreading its branches and a road that goes into the forest.
Lately I have been studying painting on a very interesting book. A passage speaks of the two great categories where every painter can be described: colorists and shapist. Well I believe I am a shapist for I try to make my paintings as real as I can but with an inclination to the colorism for I'm pretty much amazed by what can be obtained with only colors ... a look at the rocks on the right side of the painting can explain much better: the rocks are only sketched by brush strokes, every stone is suggested by colors alone.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cala Goloritzè Trek

I've been giving few final brush touches to a new watercolor painting I worked on tonight. It shows a glimpse I looked upon while walking on a trek towards Cala Goloritzè a week ago. The woods were enchanting and the destination, when reached, stunning.
By the way this thing is supposed to be the painting of a tree hanging on a stone peak and more trees and bushes among the boulders, I hope it's clear.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Portrait Exercise

This afternoon I share a drawing made to exercise portrait and perspective on a fast asleep model, completed few minutes ago. I drew it mostly using a red ball point pen, a little graphite to sketch some shade and a white dry pencil to highlight some brighter spots. Happy I didn't color too much.